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One of Delhi's most well-known and prosperous catering businesses, Chaat Tadka established in 2005. None other than Chaat Tadkda, a well-known firm known for its customs supplied for celebrating many important festivals and occasions, is the best outdoor wedding caterer in Delhi. The catering company Chaat Tadka offers a specific location for top-notch catering services. It offers a wide range of services, all of which will be tailored to your culinary tastes. We also provide a large selection of menu options to appealingly complement your changing palate.

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When we hired your services for our annual day celebrations, which had a sizable crowd of more than 4000 people, I had certain expectations, but your team not only met those expectations—you well beyond them. Everyone liked the specialties of Dilli-6, and the themed street food made it look amazing. Your team's attention to the event was once again greatly appreciated.
The Golgappas were fresh and were served with Orange Meetha, Pudina and Heeng water. No doubt we enjoyed them thoroughly but eating them in such a large quantity was not the best idea.
Ayush Sapra
One of Delhi's top locations for custom chaat. serving incredibly tasty cuisine. I sampled cuisine from Chaat Tadka during one of the weddings, and I was incredibly impressed, especially with their Chaat, which you should definitely try. It appeals to me.
Juhi Khurana